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So I haven’t pulled my life together. I failed forever. Haven’t finished my app, haven’t started any supplementals and I didn’t realized the license can take up to three months booooo. Man, I don’t even know if applying this year is worth. I’ll just lose a ton of money. I really want to get into USC but that’s a big stretch. I just found out a couple people in my graduating class are attending there. I’m basically a fifth year student right now so this isn’t even a gap year. And I just drank a ton of strong coffee and it’s messing me up badly since I don’t tolerate caffeine. What am I doing? 


So you know the woman who’s bumper I tapped? I was already mad that she filed a claim. BUT GUESS WHAT THE FUCK ELSE SHE DID? REPORTED IT TO THE FUCKING DMV! WHAT THE FUCK! The DMV sent me shit for not reporting it and told me damages over $750 had to be reported. What. the. fuck. Even if she replaced the damn unscratched bumper, it would not be over 750. THIS FUCKING WOLF. “Oh, I’m not going to report it if I find no damage, I wouldn’t do that to you.” Shame on me for believing her shit. Taking advantage of me because I’m young and probably spun up a shit story. I can’t believe she wasn’t going to give me any information because I was at fault. Probably took a hammer to her car or backed it into some shit to milk as much money as she can. Or fucking photoshop. What the effing fuck. I’m so mad. 

Please, tell me if you see $750+ worth of damages on her totaled car. 

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